How to market your eCommerce business

At Tiger we realise that you probably know best about how to market your business, but we are also aware that marketing an online eCommerce website is not quite the same as most other more traditional types of communication.

The numerous online marketing techniques, each with their own technical peculiarity, often means that creating an integrated plan can be time-consuming and difficult.

Fast and affordable app development

eCommerce consultants will work closely with their clients, acting as a trusted advisors to add value and insight across all aspects of the online marketing mix, and since all of their clients have a retail eCommerce website. Start your free eCommerce trial.

A marketing technique that will help to grow sales is through a mobile app. This approach helps maximise the return on investment in creating a mobile app where your customers can shop and browse products on the go at any time.

An app developer will have the expertise to create an app that is perfectly suited to your target market and will help to push sales, increase profit and connect better with your customers. For Birmingham’s best developers, see

The strong focus on search engine optimisation

Since the internet relies heavily on search engines to enable users to find what they are looking for, natural search engine optimisation should be essential ‘bedrock’ of all your online marketing. For all your SEO advice,  click here.

Generally, we find that the vast majority of online visitors to an eCommerce website come from the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

However, there are many other search agents and directories that all should be pointing at the eCommerce website, making it easy for potential customers to find the store. When working with an SEO agency, ensure that any work that they conduct and results are reported back to you on a monthly or quarterly basis. See the importance of reporting in SEO.

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